Restaurants, Eateries and Bars

Restaurants, Eateries, Bars – Our Recommendations

Following are our personal suggestions. There are many more of course.

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated as we constantly update this list.

Please ask in case you need directions or require any help with your reservation.

It is generally a good idea to call ahead particularly out of season, to make sure they are open. During weekends and high season you should always book your table. 

1) Meat and Pizza Restaurants

Very close to Trullo Fumarola, within walking distance – a nice place with a great view:

Masseria Sant’Elia

Just go out the gate and turn left. Take the first road right (after about 100 mt). Just a few minutes walk up the hill and you have arrived. They serve local food and the value for money is decent. The only downside: Their booking is a bit complicated as they need to know beforehand what you will be eating, from a choice of antipasti (mozzarella, vegetables, meatballs and the like), homemade pasta and meat (roast meat, sausage, lamb). We can of course do your reservation for you if you prefer.

Masseria Sant’Elia

C.da Battaglini 265/A

74015 Martina Franca

Tel.     080 4400106

329 4752728

Always open June-August. Necessary to call before (see above)


Close to Martina Franca in the countryside – probably the best place for the real local food: Le Ruote

They only do a few dishes, but they do them perfectly. And everything is homemade. It is a good idea to call ahead as they don’t always open.

Trattoria Le Ruote

Contrada Primicerio, 52

74015 Martina Franca

Tel: 080 4837473


Close to us, in the direction of Alberobello: Paradiso di Puglia

Very good pizza (only at night) and decent local food. Good value for money. The owner, Michele, is very nice and speaks a bit of English. They organize Karaoke on Sunday evenings – good fun to watch some local talent and maybe have a go yourself.

Paradiso di Puglia

Via Alberobello, Zona C 132

Martina Franca

Tel. 080 4400576

Closed: Monday


In the old town center of Martina Franca: Garibaldi Bistrot

A nice casual place right by the Basilica San Martino. The food is good and the place cosy and welcoming.

Garibaldi Bistrot

Piazza Plebiscito, 13

Martina Franca

Tel. 080 483 7987


In Locorotondo – Two places which are perfect for a long lunch (or dinner) in the old city center:

La Taverna del Duca

A sweet little restaurant in the beautiful city center of Locorotondo. Antonella does the local specialties in the most perfect way.

Ristorante La Taverna del Duca

Via Papatotero, 3


Tel. 080 431 3007

Closed: Monday + Sunday for dinner only 



A very nice place to have lunch or dinner. The place has a refreshing atmosphere to it (traditional but with a modern twist). The food is good and the staff is nice.

Ristorante U’Curdunn

Via Dura, 19

70010 Locorotondo

Tel. 080 431 1433

Closed: Tuesday


In Ceglie Messapica: Ristorante Cibus

Great atmosphere and amazing food. The place is located in the heart of the old centre. The owners are dedicated to the local cuisine and are serving traditional local dishes many of which are nowadays hard to find.

Ristorante Cibus

Via Chianche di Scarano, 7

72013 Ceglie Messapica

Tel. 0831 388980

Closed: Tuesday


2) Seafood Restaurants

In Savelletri – Umberto

Very good food and service. The restaurant is just off the coast and has a nice cosy atmosphere. Decent value for money.

La Taverna di Umberto

Via Ticino, 2

72015 Savelletri (BR)

Tel. 080 4829105


On the coat near Monopoli – Ristorante Elia

Right on the coast with a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea. All the local seafood specialties with decent quality. A little pricier and more suitable for a romantic dinner than for families with young children.

Ristorante Elia

Contrada Capitolo, 5

70043 Capitolo

Tel. 080 742533


In Monopoli – Osteria Perricci

Trattoria in the old town. Good value for money. Gets hectic especially during peak times.

Osteria Perricci

Via Orazio Comes, 1

70043 Monopoli

Tel. 080 9372208

Closed: Wednesday


In Polignano a Mare – Tuccino

Widely thought to be one of the region’s best seafood restaurant, Tuccino is definitely an experience for those who love seafood. All produce is of the highest quality and the service and location are great (right by the sea). It is, however, quite pricey.


Via S. Caterina, 69/F

Polignano a Mare

Tel. 080 4241560

Closed: Monday for lunch

3) Bars, Wine Bars and Ice Cream

Caffé Tripoli: Don’t leave Martina Franca without having stopped by

This place feels a bit like a set from one of the Godfather movies (the scenes in Sicily of course). And it is a perfect location to stop for a coffee or an Aperitivo after having visited  the Basilica in the old centre which is just a stone throw away. If you like coffee and have a sweet tooth you should try the famous Granita di Caffé con Panna, crushed iced crushed with a huge heap of the sweetest and stiffest whipped cream you have ever had.

Caffé Tripoli

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 25

Martina Franca


Wine and Beer Bar Cibando, a fun place to hang out and watch the crowd

A great location, right in front of the Palazzo Ducale in Martina Franca’s old centre. Try some of their specialty beers from a local microbrewery. They also serve a good variety of snacks.


Piazza Roma 19

Martina Franca

Open Monday – Saturday from about 11.30 am until 3 pm and from about 7.30 pm until midnight, Sundays from about 7.30 pm until noon.


Wine Bar and Eatery Vineka

A fun place to hang out and have one of their inventive cocktail creations or just a glass of wine and something to eat. They often do live music after 10 pm. Just behind the “Stradone”, the square leading to the Porta Santo Stefano, the historical centre’s gate.


Via Giuseppe Battaglini, 12/13

Martina Franca

Open evenings from about 6 pm onwards. Closed: Tuesday


Martina Franca’s favourite Bar: Bar Adua

Excellent patisserie, all home made of course. Run by the same family since 1936.

Bar Adua

Via Paisiello 60

Martina Franca

Closed: Tuesday


The best ice cream in the area at Gelateria Arte Fredda in Alberobello

Amazingly delicious ice cream right on the main road of Alberobello. Just park in the city centre’s parking place and then walk down. The gelateria will be onyour left.

Gelateria Arte Fredda

Largo Martellotta, 47

70011 Alberobello