Rental Agreement

Rental Agrement

Propety: Trullo Fumarola.
Address:  Strada  Bellezza  1a,  74015  Martina  Franca  (TA),  Italy.  Phone:  +39  333  7880670  
This  is  a  NON  SMOKING  property.  


We  put  every  possible  effort  into  keeping  our  calendars  updated.  If,  despite  these  efforts,  we  need  to   cancel  a  reservation,  we  will  inform  our  guests  as  quickly  as  possible


 1.  Payment  and  payment  schedule

A  deposit  of  25%  of  the  booking  price  is  required  at  the  time  of  booking  and  to  confirm  your  reservation.  The   balance  of  your  booking  price  must  be  paid  no  less  than  60  days  before  arrival.  If  we  do  not  receive  this  balance   in  full  and  on  time,  we  reserve  the  right  to  treat  your  booking  as  cancelled  by  you  in  which  case  the  cancellation   charges  set  out  in  clause  2.  will  become  payable.    


2.  Cancellations  

Once  your  rental  has  been  confirmed,  to  cancel  the  entire  rental  or  any  component,  the  person  making  the   booking  must  notify  us  via  email.  Cancellation  takes  effect  on  the  date  we  receive  your  email.  The  following   cancellation  charges  apply:    
Date  on  which  written  notice  of  cancellation  is  received  by  us:

  • 60  or  more  days  prior  to  arrival  
  • refund  of  any  payment  made.  
  • less  than  60  days  prior  to  arrival  
  • loss  of  any  payment  made.  

The  damage  deposit  (see  clause  3)  is,  however,  refunded  in  any  case  and  regardless  of  the  date  of cancellation.


3.  Security  deposit


For  renting  Trullo  and  Villa  and  therefore  the  whole  property  a  deposit  of  €  450  is  required.   For  renting  the  Villa  a  deposit  of  €  250  is  required.  
For  renting  the  Trullo  a  deposit  of  €  200  is  required.  
The  deposit  automatically  converts  to  a  damage  deposit  upon  arrival.  
The  deposit  is  NOT  applied  toward  rent;  however,  the  owners  will  give  instructions  to  their  bank  to  fully  refund  the  security  deposit  within  3  working  days   of  departure,  provided  the  following  provisions  are  met: 

  • No  damage  is  done  to  property  or  its  contents,  beyond  normal  wear  and  tear. 
  • No  charges  are  incurred  due  to  illegal  activity,  pets  or  collection  of  rents  or  services  rendered  during  the  stay. 
  • All  debris,  rubbish  and  discards  are  placed  in  rubbish  bin.
  • All  keys  and  the  gate  opener  are  left  with  us  and  unit  is  left  locked. 
  • All  charges  accrued  during  the  stay  are  paid  prior  to  departure.
  • No  linens  are  lost  or  damaged. 
  • The  renter  is  not  evicted  by  the  owner  (or  representative  of  the  owner)  or  the  local  law  enforcement.  

4.  Maximum  occupancy 

When  renting  Trullo  and  Villa  and  therefore  the  whole  property  the  maximum  number  of  guests  is  limited  to   twelve  (12)  persons  plus  five  (5)  babies  who  sleep  in  cots.    
When  renting  the  Villa  the  maximum  number  of  guests  is  limited  to  eight  (8)  persons  plus  three  (3)  babies  who   sleep  in  cots.    
When  renting  the  Trullo  the  maximum  number  of  guests  is  limited  to  four  (4)  persons  plus  two  (2)  babies  who   sleep  in  cots.  

5.  Inclusive  fees  

Rates  include  a  one-­time  linen  &  towel  setup.  The  rental  rate  covers  electricity,  gas  and  water  which  are   consumed  in  the  Villa  and/or  Trullo,  swimming  pool  and  garden  during  the  stay  provided  these  do  not  exceed   regular  household  consumption.  It  does  not  cover  the  consumption  of  appliances  other  than  small  household   equipment  (such  as  hairdryer,  electrical  toothbrush,  mobile  phone  or  computer  rechargers  and  similar)  or  central   heating  of  the  houses.  In  case  central  heating  will  be  needed,  this  will  be  at  an  extra  cost  and  will  be  charged   according  to  consumption.  The  houses  are  equipped  with  individual  gas  meters  which  can  be  monitored  by  our   guests.  


6.  No  daily  housekeeping  service  

Daily  maid  service  is  not  included  in  the  rental  rate.  However,  it  is  available  at  an  additional  rate.  Weekly   cleaning  is  included  in  the  rental  rate  and  is  performed  the  morning  before  the  tenants’  arrival.  We  do  not  permit   bath  towels  or  linens  to  be  taken  from  the  property,  but  we  provide  extra  beach  towels  for  your  use


7.  Swimming  pool,  swimming  pool  area  and  central  garden  area  


In  case  of  guests  renting  only  one  of  the  two  houses  (ie.  Villa  or  Trullo),  they  will  share  these  areas  with     other  tenants  who  might  rent  the  other  house.  The  two  houses  are  detached  from  each  other  and  each  of  the   two  houses  has  its  own  outside  space  and  outside  dining  area.


8.  Parking  

There  is  ample  parking  space  on  the  property.  Parking  on  the  road  is  not  permitted.  Any  illegally  parked  cars  are   subject  to  towing;;  applicable  fines/towing  fees  are  the  sole  responsibility  of  the  vehicle  owner.  

9.  Water  and  septic  

The  septic  system  is  very  effective;;  however,  it  will  clog  up  if  improper  material  is  flushed.  DO  NOT  FLUSH   anything  other  than  toilet  paper.  No  feminine  products,  diapers  or  similar  should  be  flushed  at  anytime.  If  it  is   found  that  the  septic  system  has  clogged  due  to  improper  use,  you  could  be  charged  damages  of  up  to  two   hundred  Euros  (€20

10.  Pets

Pets  are  permitted  in  rental  units  only  with  prior  approval.

11.  Lost  property  

Please  ensure  all  personal  possessions  are  packed  when  departing  your  accommodation.  Whilst  we  will   endeavour  to  assist  when  items  are  left,  unfortunately  we  are  unable  to  guarantee  the  return  of  any  items  which   have  been  left  unattended  and  will  not  be  liable  for  any  items  lost  or  damaged  in  transit.  Postage,  packaging  and   handling  fees  may  be  applied  for  the  return  of  lost  property.

12.  Personal  health  and  safety    

We  take  the  safety  of  our  customers  very  seriously,  unfortunately  crimes  against  people  and  property  are  a  fact   of  life  throughout  the  world  and  you  have  the  same  responsibility  for  your  personal  safety  as  you  do  at  home.  We   therefore  advise  all  customers  to  be  extra  vigilant  and  ensure  that  great  care  is  taken  of  your  property  and   personal  safety.  You  must  ensure  all  the  windows,  shutters  and  doors  are  locked  at  night  or  in  case  you  leave   the  property  during  the  day.  In  the  event  that  you  should  lose  any  items  of  value  whilst  on  holiday  through  theft   or  otherwise,  you  must  report  the  facts  immediately  to  the  local  police  or  other  competent  authority  and  obtain  a   written  report.  If  a  report  is  not  obtained  it  will  be  difficult  for  you  to  pursue  any  claim  through  your  holiday   insurance

13.  Use  of  barbecue  grills,  fireplaces  and  candles

You  must  make  sure  that  any  candles,  barbecue  grills  or  fireplaces  are  used  safely  and  any  fire  or  embers  are   always  entirely  extinct  before  leaving  or  going  to  bed.  

14.  If  we  change  or  cancel  your  booking   

It  is  very  unlikely  that  we  will  have  to  make  any  changes  to  your  confirmed  arrangements  or  cancel  them;   however  we  do  start  planning  arrangements  many  months  in  advance.  In  the  very  unlikely  event  that  the   property  or  part  of  it  will  not  be  available  for  you  for  the  agreed  dates,  we  will  notify  you  immediately.  You  may   then:  a)  accept  an  offer  of  an  alternative  accommodation  of  comparable  standard  from  us,  if  available  (we  will   refund  any  price  difference  if  the  alternative  is  of  a  lower  value);;  or  b)  cancel  your  booking  completely,  in  which   case  we  will  refund  you  all  monies  paid  by  you.  Very  rarely,  we  may  be  forced  by  “force  majeure”  (see  clause  15)   to  change  or  terminate  your  arrangements  after  arrival.  If  this  situation  does  occur,  we  regret  we  will  be  unable  to   make  any  refunds.    

15.  Force  Majeure    

 We  will  not  be  liable  or  pay  you  compensation  if  our  contractual  obligations  to  you  are  affected  by  any  event   which  we,  even  with  all  due  care,  could  not  foresee  or  avoid.  These  events  can  include,  but  are  not  limited  to  war,   threat  of  war,  civil  strife  terrorist  activity  and  its  consequences  or  the  threat  of  such  activity,  riot,  the  act  of  any   government  or  other  national  or  local  authority  including  port  or  river  authorities,  industrial  dispute,  natural  or   nuclear  disaster,  fire,  chemical  or  biological  disaster  and  adverse  weather,  sea,  ice  and  river  conditions  and  all   similar  events  outside  our  or  the  supplier(s)  concerned’s  control.  Advice  from  the  Foreign  Office  to  avoid  or  leave   a  particular  country  may  constitute  Force  Majeure.

16.  Your  accommodation    

 This  is  reserved  exclusively  for  the  people  named  on  your  arrival  details  and  no  other  persons  are  permitted  to   stay  at  the  accommodation  unless  this  has  been  agreed  with  us  in  writing  and  appropriate  payments  made  (if   applicable).  On  departure  you  should  leave  the  accommodation  in  a  reasonably  clean  and  tidy  condition  so  that   we  can  efficiently  prepare  it  for  our  next  guests.  If  significant  additional  cleaning  has  been  necessary,  a  charge   will  be  made  locally  and  an  appropriate  proportion  (decided  by  us)  of  the  security  deposit  withheld.  Please  note   that  single  sex  parties  or  groups  of  young  adults  (under  21)  are  not  accepted  in  our  property.  

17.  Holiday  insurance    

Adequate  insurance  is  essential  and  we  strongly  advise  you  have  this  in  place  at  time  of  booking.    

18.  Local  activities,  facilities  and  excursions    

Some  facilities,  activities  and  excursions  could  involve  an  element  of  risk.  These  activities,  facilities  and   excursions  are  neither  run  nor  controlled  by  us.  If  you  wish  to  participate,  purchase  or  make  use  of  any  optional   activities,  facilities  or  excursions  that  are  not  part  of  your  pre  booked  accommodation,  we  regret  that  we  cannot   accept  liability  in  relation  to  these.  The  contract  for  the  provision  of  that  activity,  facility  or  excursion  will  be   between  you  and  that  provider.  Usually  these  locally  paid  for  activities,  facilities  and  excursions  will  be  subject  to   local  law  and  jurisdiction.  The  discretion  to  partake  in  any  such  activities,  facilities,  or  excursions  is  entirely  at   your  own  risk.  You  are  responsible  for  taking  sensible  precautions  for  your  own  safety  and  for  the  safety  of  any   children  or  family  members  for  whom  you  are  responsible.  Please  liaise  with  the  supplier  of  the  facility,  activity  or   excursion  for  the  Terms  and  Conditions  of  your  activity,  facility  or  excursion  which  will  govern  your  contract.  

 19.  Personal  information

 In  order  to  process  your  booking  and  provide  you  with  your  confirmed  booking  we  will  need  to  fotocopy  the   passport  or  identity  card  of  each  person  staying  at  our  property.  We  are  obliged  by  Italien  law  to  keep  this   information  on  file  and  make  it  available  to  the  local  authorities.  

20.  Falsified  bookings

 Any  booking  obtained  under  false  pretence  will  be  subject  to   forfeiture  of  advance  payment,  deposit  and/or  rental  money,  and  the  party  will  not  be   permitted  to  check  in.  

21.  Written  exceptions    

 Any  exceptions  to  the  above  mentioned  policies  must  be  approved  in  writing  in  advance.     These  Booking  Conditions  and  any  agreement  to  which  they  apply  are  governed  in  all  respects  by  Italian  law.